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Humour, my condolences – A sad poem about an awful occurrence I woke up one morning, feeling as you might as a human, quite dead.It was a strange feeling, nothing seemed off, I seemed to be on the right side … Continued

Translation of Ernst Jandl’s “Als Nachwort…:”

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Original: Jupiter unbewohnt merkur unbewohnt saturn unbewohnt uranus unbewohnt neptun unbewohnt venus unbewohnt pluto unbewohnt mars unbewohnt erde ungewohnt Ernst Jandl   English Translation   Jupiter: uninhabited Mercury: uninhabited Saturn uninhabited Uranus uninhabited Neptune uninhabited Venus: uninhabited Pluto uninhabited Mars: uninhabited Earth: uninhibited Toby … Continued


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Pearling clear waters Slowed and quickened By the gust of Cold autumn wind Binding the waves To their earthy grave Gated by Great Leafy Trees Dancing in the silver mirrors Of the unruffled waters Throughout which Long spiraling barks Of … Continued