Above the sea of enmity

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I’m fastened to  boat Floating with the tide The black water is seeping in Through cracks along the side The rocks and sea take part In careless enmity But my boat pushes on Gently carrying me This sinking grave was once … Continued

In Time

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Envy. A green eyed, gripping, relentlessly present emotion, that I cannot learn to control. In years, I know I will laugh – how silly to become so entrapped in someone so previously irrelevant to my existence. For now, I see … Continued

Diamond Chandelier

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I’m tired and anxious I hear an ominous whimper I want to go back to my years when I thought life was simpler. I had a nightmare last night so i don’t want to go to sleep. Oh Conscious stop … Continued

No Title

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Late noon we stormed out. Away from the dim lanterns light. Between high grown grazing land we were chasing one another until it was as dark as the time further of us. The echo of a familiar voice, sirens of … Continued

I am

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I’m the last page of a book you didn’t read, Shivery hands of a strong woman, Ivory in the look of a blind man, I’m the wood in the forest, the stone on a coast, I’m everything you could but … Continued