The Cliff

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The Girl

At him
For doing this
After everything I had
Done for him
I sobbed all the way
Up the cliff
My decision was made
A deep breath
The edge began to crumble
Arms grabbed
Arms missed
Eyes widened in horror
I was falling

The Boy

Of the consequences
Of my doing
I never should have
Pushed the boundaries
I soundlessly followed her
Up the cliff
It crumbled like bread beneath her
I ran
I grabbed
I missed
I watched
She fell so silently, yet so fast –
She plummeted
Blood stains covered the pale boulders
At the foot of the cliff
Surrounding her
Like a broken doll
So perfect, yet so broken
The light of my world had just gone out

The Friend

Of my friends
And their friendship
I never stopped them
I was too afraid
Although I could have tried
They went
Up the cliff
She fell
He grabbed
Too late

by Alaina Leung, 12, Bexley Grammar School, United Kingdom

The Cliff

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